Keywords are the Key to Success in CSE

      ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but until I catch one, I just stuck here holding my rod.’
All civil services aspirants are in the job of fishing with eyes and ears open carefully watching not for fishes but for Key words.  Keywords are the real hemoglobin which carries all the essence of preparation. If your preparation lacks for keywords it’s like your blood is in lack of hemoglobin, the state of being weak and anemic.
                                     We should be watchful for key words, unusual words, phrase, terms that appear on your way on preparation let it be either subjects or current events.  Be watchful for the key words that is not necessarily used in the common conversation but appears in the news or in the text. These key words are the pieces that will solve the big jigsaw puzzle of clearing your examination. I have been part of several  standard quizzes and in all the times I have interacted with quiz maniacs, I have seen them carrying a thick notebook all along with them and keep noting down even the minutest detail which they feel interesting, unusual or that seems to be important. They patiently collect the key words, topics, images, advertisements etc., the patience and perseverance pays them at the stage.  
           Such a kind of dedicated preparation should be applied by the CSE candidates. Key words appear all the way in our preparation, it just takes a minimal awareness to be on top of those keywords and putting it in your notebook. The more keywords you have the more informed you will be.        
            Let me tell you few examples of key words. When we read through large amount of contents we should be able to reconcile at least one or two key words. For example Village is a common word, but imagine words that appear in the news like global village, seed village, smart village. These are unusual combination of common words which need some attention. If you have reviewed the previous year question papers, you can understand the importance of all the three words, since they appeared in the prelims and main examination. I always insist my students to pick up key words and investigate on those key words. In a transcript of PM’s Address at the Combined Commanders Conference, there were few key words we can find such as Digi locker, Digital India, Digital armed force etc., as a correlation can be found, I asked my students to do some web search on Digitalizing and its essentiality. It is no surprise for the term Digital India as well as Digital armed force appeared in the main exam paper. Similarly in a press release about Niti Aayog ,the attention drawn words are only two, one being Niti Aayog itself and other being Cooperative Federalism. In the very next prelims and main both term appeared giving an opportunity to earn more marks.
           Looking for Key words, recording it in your note book makes you well informed and technically strong in your preparation. But nevertheless the information gathered and recorded doesn’t make any sense until it is put to use. As part of your preparation strategy make sure to find the answer yourself by prefixing the question words to the key word. It’s very simple, just prefix the questions words such as what, why, where, who, how, which. If you can explain in a simple manner in simple words for the questions framed yourself, you are far ahead from your competitors.

Let’s pick a key word we saw above for example, just prefix it with question words
Key word: Cooperative Federalism
1. What is cooperative federalism?
2. Why cooperative federalism is important
3. How Cooperative federalism works
4. Where does cooperative federalism has its role
5. Who are the stakeholders in the subject of cooperative federalism and how are they linked.
6. What are the for and against arguments for Cooperative Federalism
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cooperative Federalism?
If a candidate inculcates the habit of identifying key words on a daily basis and can able to provide simple answer to all the questions created by combining the questions words with the key words, I assure, such a candidate will just bulldoze his way to succeed in Civil Services Examination leaving all the competitors far behind. 

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