Ritual of News Paper Reading for CSE

Many aspirants ask me what Newspaper should I read and how much time I should dedicate time to read the newspaper. Although this question is very common, but this is a oversimplified question for something which is important. Aspirants expect me to tell one or two newspaper name which they can subscribe and start reading for Civil service exam so that they can get updated themselves on current events.

My father was working in the police department and many years back there was a situation in which the police caught old of a bunch of Sri lankan people who were involved either directly or indirectly in one of the most crucial cases in India. These people are not the actual criminals but they are important evidences in the case.  In order to protect them, they were kept in an isolated place which no one will suspect. High profile security provided for those people. My father with his team is assigned to source them with food and other amenities. They had their own way of communicating with the central security guards as it is a sensitive situation. The list of amenities to be sourced to them includes food, water and other basic refreshing kits and newspaper. Among which sourcing newspaper was a real challenge.
Now guess what newspaper they read. They were isolated from the entire world, no mobile phones, TV etc., the only source through which they can understand on what’s happening outside world is the newspaper.  Did they read a regional newspaper or a leading English daily or both? May be your mind says they should have read both. But they did something different, they requested for 13 newspapers of which 5 were regional dailies, 4 english national newspaper, Other papers included International papers. Is it possible to read all those newspapers, yes it is. They not only read the newspaper but they took some notes in paper as well, all complete in less than 3 hours. Why they didn’t settle with one newspaper, anyhow the same news is going to be repeated again and again.  One newspaper is enough if you want to just know the news, if you want to know the cause and effect of the news see the various dimension of happenings and analyze the situation to take any decision, you can’t settle with one newspaper.
If you don’t read the newspaper your are un-informed. If you read the newspaper, you are mis-informed
Mark Twain

Once a Chief Minister of a specific state was detained in a prison her prison diary states that she read 8 newspapers in less than 2.5 hours. 
            Near my home there was a personal assistant of a political leader who was the chief minister of an Indian state for more than 4 terms. This person receives more than 15 newspapers at his door step at morning 5.30. He reports to the party leader at 8.00 am with the complete notes of all relevant information. The political leader’s agenda is to have breakfast from 8.00 am to 8.30 am in that time none other than the personal assistant will be present by his side to convey all the important news relevant on that day which he synthesized from all the 15 newspaper.
Chief Editor of one of the most reputed English National Daily  is my family friend. I often visit their house and I have seen him receiving not less than 8 newspapers. He himself is an editor of a leading national daily what is the purpose of purchasing so many newspapers?
If you are an intelligent investor you can read either Economic times or Business line, but if you want to be an intelligent investment advisor you have to read both Economic times and Business line and all other available material in your field.
Now tell me what newspaper you should read for Civil Services Examination? The answer is at least 2 or if you dont have a good reading stamina, at least settle with one daily news paper complemented with few monthly/fortnightly magazines. Don’t settle with extracts provided by coaching institutes and other civil service exam prophets. It is sheer waste of time. To tone your body you have to do the pushups. To tone up your wisdom you have to read the information from the source i.e from news papers and PIB websites, not from second, third or fourth hand information.
The problem with reading newspaper is most of them don’t know how to read. When to skeptically scrutinize news and when to skim through and ignore the irrelevant information. In the following passages I shall give you some tips to quickly read newspapers without much effort. Although there are various methods, I share only few workable ones that practically worked for my students.
            While reading newspaper or any other contents both soft and hard copies, a typical reader employs either of two types of reading. One is skeptical reading and the other is skimming. Skeptical reader is the one who carefully reads the entire content and tries to check whether the information is substantiated with facts, numbers, proofs etc., Alternatively a skimming reader just sees the message and tries to get as much information by glancing the information for a while, probably 8 seconds per information. Most of the newspaper readers just skim through entire newspaper, and stops only for the articles that is relevant to them. They read the articles relevant to them skeptically word by word and try’s to check the validity of the information.
            A newspaper is compiled to appeal a diversified population and we should not assume that we need to read all the content available in the newspaper. Break the myth that we need to read the entire newspaper. No it is not required.
Usually a sport oriented person skim through the entire newspaper and skeptically read the sports page, whereas a banker or an economist skim through the entire paper and skeptically read through the Business and Finance page. Similarly, a Civil services candidate shall skim through the entire newspaper by only reading the headlines of each article. Stop only in case the article title and image of the article synchronizes with our exam syllabus/requirement. An idea about what is required for the exam can be arrived by reading the advertisement copy of the exam and reviewing the previous year question papers.
            Each article in a newspaper is written in a format called Article triangle. The first paragraph of all the articles in a newspaper is termed as lead paragraph that gives all the essential information. Read the lead paragraph to check whether the content is relevant to the exam. If it is relevant go ahead and read the content skeptically.

Step 1: Skim through the entire paper quickly
Step 2: Filter the articles to be read based on the headlines.
Step 3: Read the lead paragraph of the chosen articles to identify whether it is worth to proceed in reading it.
Step 4: Have a marker or color pen to high light key words and important points.
Step 5: If required take notes of the key information in your note book.
Step 6: If there is location mentioned, try to locate the place in Atlas Map.
Step 7: Google the key words and try to get answer for all the question words ‘why, what, when, how, who’.
Hope the above tips would be of help to you. Additionally I have covered similar information on reading news paper in youtube video which covers all important factors about civil services exam. The video can be accessed by click the link

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Importance of Practicing Questions

Many candidates expect for easy questions, easy evaluation, easy preparation, limited curriculum for Civil Services Examination. This is absolutely not possible and shouldn’t be possible. In real, knowingly or unknowingly they expect a favor from the examination body, which never happens. Every year I interact with 100’s of candidates and each one of them after coming out of the exam hall converse with me happily or broodingly that additional focus given to a specific subject which no one expected or question paper pattern was erratic, lengthy, complex vocabulary, ambiguous answer choices and so on……….
The point is, don’t try to guess, forecast or predict the question paper. If you try to predict, you will get a blow in each of your additional attempt and you don’t have unlimited attempts. Most of the candidates who fail, will try to predict the question paper and frame their preparation strategy in accordance to their prediction. In all the cases the examination body outsmarts the individuals.

The best strategy is to prepare unbiased. Think like a pro tennis coach or champ, who has to think about playing in natural turf, artificial turf, lawn, mud, indoor & out door, in heat, in cold regardless of every erratic situation they play to win. The only attitude you should carry is play to win. When I say play to win, I insist in playing every day without expectations to win. Play, Play, Play. What does this mean how can you play in your preparation?

Imagine what happens to a tennis pro champ who does ‘n’ number of exercises for flexibility, endurance and strength, but plays tennis only once in a year. It is obvious he will fail. Alternatively the winner is the one who does the “n” number of exercise and spends more time on real time playing. The winner never leaves a single day without the real game practice. Both the exercise and real game should go hand in hand. Without exercise it will be a sloppy game and without a real game practice the exercise is of no use.

The point is that the strength, flexibility and endurance obtained out of exercise are channelized to the real game performance. This will improve the game, builds confidence and effortless execution of techniques. The brain and body works in sync.
Most of the CSE aspirants spend several hours in studying and learning every day, but spends only less than 5 hours in a week in taking practice test. This is like a tennis pro champ exercising several hours in a day without playing the game.
This technique of reading several books for several hours is of no use. You gain knowledge, but how will you channelize that knowledge in the exam.  Recollect the situation of handling a competitive exam and you will realize that you haven’t answered several questions correctly which you very well know. This is because your brain is not trained to swiftly recollect the content in line with analytically perceiving the questions. 
More over one more interesting fact is, we read a topic and revisit the same topic again and again only to realize we are beating around the bush with no real solution. Contemplate this scenario, you read a chapter. Then you revisit the same chapter again after a month and this happens until the day before the exam. Why do you want to revisit the same content again and again, because you are not confident and you may don’t even know whether you have mastered the chapter. Candidates who are taking the examination for more than 2 attempts will understand what I say as they experience this situation by rereading the same topics in the same book for several years together.
Hence understand clearly, in competitive exams reading is like doing exercise, taking mock test is like practicing real game.  
Whenever you read a topic spend the same amount of time in taking test in the same chapter. Try this once and you will be amazed in the results you see and confidence you build. The cumulative effect will be exceptional.
Make a rule, you spend one hour in studying a topic, you should spend one hour or more (I prefer more) in taking test or reviewing questions from that topic. In this way you no need to revisit the content again and again and you have mastered the logic used to frame questions from that topic.
Purchase question bank, review previous question papers, borrow question papers from your friends/teachers/coaching institutes and all other available options. I even suggest you to build your own question bank by framing quality questions from what you have read.
Resolve to keep yourself occupied for at least 30 weekends out of 52 weekends in a year by applying and attending exams organized by UPSC, SSC, SPSC, RRB, IBPS and other possible exams. There are several benefits in doing this. You will see hundreds of new questions every week and you have real time exam experience provided by these examination bodies. This definitely gives a winning advantage. Along with this add the number of questions you reviewed and test taken from books, internet and coaching institutes.

Review all the UPSC exam question papers which include previous CSE papers and CDS….. Question papers in the current year. Each question is a potential important topic. There is a saying “no one ever kicks a dead dog”, similarly no examination body takes a irrelevant or insignificant question. So each question has a seed, a topic for us to devour.
The movie Rocky is one of the all-time motivational movie in which the coach Michael "Mickey" Goldmill insist Sylvester Stallone to practice 500 punches to deliver one punch in the real boxing match.  The same applies here; you should practice 1000’s of questions from each topic to gear yourself to face 1 question in the real exam.
 Subscribe with Educasium Facebook page  and you will start receiving several hundreds of question and discussion on those question to make your preparation wholistc. Additionally, you can enroll in Educasium mock test batch and keep writing mock test for the entire year on a phased manner. You can get the details of educasium mock test batch in this link

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How to make yourself a Successful Civil Servant

In this blog I hope to empower and equip you with all the required skills to gear up yourself to succeed in Civil Services examination (CSE) 2019 or any competitive examination for that case. With far greater ease and less work than you’ve ever imagined. Faster than you think possible.  This blog will give a radical shift on several levels in making you to succeed in the CSE.

This blog predominantly covers a philosophical component to handle CSE by discussing the thoughts and beliefs which most of the people ignore. There is a way of thinking that repels success and that is obviously how most people think. There are behaviors that repel Civil Service Success and that are obviously how most people behave.

In total, it’s mostly on making adjustments to the way you think and act that make it easier to succeed in the CSE exam faster and easier than you can imagine. This book propagates some radical changes in beliefs and behavior. A lot of content that you are about to read in this blog may be difficult to swallow, you may even tempted to reject all the advice and you may feel the content contrary to what you’ve been taught and what you believe.  You may feel uncomfortable with some of the advice. But, a great deal of growth, progress, achievement and success is preceded by discomfort.

This is a straight forward blog and not a feel good crowd puller. This blog includes a fair amount of things those other coaching gurus probably know but keep to themselves, lacking the courage to say them publicly. All thoughts shared are straight and entertaining. I am not concerned with who I may offend. To get the maximum benefit out of this blog you have to patiently and carefully consider ideas and suggestion that may seem wrong, illogical in the first instance.

This blog incidentally, is an outcome of my 17 years of experience in Civil Services Exam coaching and mentoring. All those people who took my advice seriously, realized the obvious way they went beyond the expectation in succeeding in most of the competitive exams including CSE as toppers.

Incidentally, I fully acknowledge you may be quite successful in your own efforts. So I do not under estimate your accomplishments or your knowledge. But I have worked with many successful candidates who struggled decidedly to succeed in the exam. Hence I assure the methods and principles shared in this blog will definitely change the way you put yourself in the fastest elevator to success, when your friends are climbing the ladder to success.

My name is Purushoth. My Educasium Team and I work together to provide the best cutting edge, reliable, realistic coaching for Civil Services Success. Often visit the below links and subscribe to youtube channel & facebook page to ensure you are on top of your preparation and stay updated.

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